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Multi-Year Performance

With multi-year crops like switchgrass, yield differences can be compounded year-after-year. So it's important to start with the best seed varieties available.

Blade switchgrass varieties have been chosen for their high biomass yields. Some have even shown higher fuel yield potential compared to other cultivars. In contrast, many older varieties were developed for forage or conservation purposes, such as erosion control, and may not yield as well.

Our product line includes the world's first switchgrass varieties developed specifically for bioenergy production: EG 1101 and EG 1102. These varieties have shown large increases over similarly adapted cultivars in trials, as well as improved vigor/establishment.
Types of Switchgrass
There are two major types of switchgrass, called ecotypes, which reflect their origin and, to some extent, their appearance and geographic adaptation. Lowland ecotypes tend to be better adapted to warmer, more moist habitats. Upland ecotypes are more common in drier and cooler climates. While there is some correlation, ecotype should not be confused with geographic adaptation.
Geographic Adaptation
Adaptation for switchgrass is influenced primarily by USDA hardiness zones and day lengths. Cultivars fall roughly into three ranges in the United States: Southern, Mid and Northern.

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