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Blade Energy Crops® is a new seed brand for a new kind of seed. Our crops — called dedicated energy crops — are developed specifically as raw materials, or feedstocks, for biofuels and biopower. Blade product lines include switchgrass and high-biomass sorghum.
Cutting-Edge Seeds
Supported by genomics-based plant breeding, compositional analysis and trait development, our seed varieties have been selected with bioenergy in mind. In contrast, many other seed varieties were developed primarily for forage, prairie restoration or erosion control, and can have lower yields and produce less fuel or power.
Yield Matters
We measure yield two ways:
  1. tons of biomass per acre and
  2. energy per ton of biomass.
Taken together, improvements mean higher revenues, lower production costs, better quality biomass, and greater value for you and your customers.
Professionally Grown Seed
Our seed production and conditioning processes are designed to safeguard seed germination, vigor and overall seed health. In switchgrass, we harvest seed with highly specialized equipment that reduces seed shattering and damage. In sorghum, we are developing seed conditioning technologies previously used only for corn and other high-value crops. The result is a complete package of seed quality, innovative seed technology and top-performing genetics.
Largest Trial Network
Blade agronomists are leading industry efforts to develop new management practices for energy crops. We have established the largest field-trial network for energy crops in the United States, including leading universities and institutions. For more details, see our crop management guides for switchgrass and sorghum.
Our Customers
We sell seed directly to growers and preferred service providers as well as biorefineries and biopower companies. More about emerging markets for biomass.
Bottom Right
The Blade name was inspired by our first crops, which are from a category of closely related grass species, known as C4 grasses. C4 grasses are the natural world’s most efficient engines of photosynthesis, the process by which plants store solar energy in the form of carbohydrates. These energy-rich molecules are the power behind bioenergy. Blade is a brand of Ceres Inc. , a leading energy crop company.

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